Tạ Anh Tuấn

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Tạ Anh Tuấn (263279188)
Tạ Anh Tuấn.png
Personal Information
Age56 years and 110 days
Country  Việt Nam
PositionInner midfielder
Current team Oceania Waverley Hawks
Youth Career
Youth teamVietnam Saigon Young Geeks
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
17 (4) - 21 (103)Netherlands Nop's Heroes()
21 (103) - presentOceania Waverley Hawks()
National Team
Vietnam U20 Việt Nam17
 Việt Nam20

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Tạ Anh Tuấn (263279188) is a talented player promoted from the Youth Academy of Saigon Geeks on October 25, 2009. He is probably one of the best players that Youth Academies ever have. He was recruited to the Saigon Young Geeks Youth Academy on April 25, 2009 (15 years and 42 days old) with the following scout report:

I think I have spotted a future star here, to be honest. He told me his name is Tạ Anh Tuấn and is 15 years old. Right now I would say his Scoring capabilities are around the weak level. His overall abilities are passable, in my opinion. Given the chance to improve his Scoring skills, this guy might well reach solid in that department.

Still just a boy but with a powerful frame. We should ask his mother what she has been feeding him...

When he was promoted to the senior team, he has the following skills:

17 years and 1 days

In passable form, weak stamina.

A pleasant guy who is temperamental and upright.

Has wretched experience and wretched leadership abilities.

Speciality: Powerful

Keeper: disastrous

Defending: passable

Playmaking: solid

Winger: poor

Passing: excellent

Scoring: solid

Set pieces: disastrous


  • Tạ Anh Tuấn has four quintuplet brothers (with different nationalities) Roger Vilafort (263098645) (Spain), Yam Babaev (263137355) (Israel), Theo Holsappel (263309508) (Nederlands), Tanguy Souday (263327041) (France).
  • Tạ Anh Tuấn also has a brother Tanguy Souday (255262419) (Switzerland)