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A tactical assistant is a specialist that improves the team’s flexibility with more strategic moves and advanced lineups in a short term strategy, since he only affects the upcoming match.


Make sure that you hire one tactical assistant when your club needs him. He will give:

Effects of a tactical assistant
Skill Level Subs / individual orders Style of play flexibility Cost for 1 week
- No bonus No bonus 0 €
Search02.png +1 +20% 2 115 €
Search02.pngSearch02.png +2 +40% 4 230 €
Search02.pngSearch02.pngSearch02.png +3 +60% 8 460 €
Search02.pngSearch02.pngSearch02.pngSearch02.png +4 +80% 16 920 €
Search02.pngSearch02.pngSearch02.pngSearch02.pngSearch02.png +5 +100% 33 840 €
Individual orders

Instead of the maximum five custom orders per game (that can be used for substitutions, changed player behaviour or position swaps) you can now get one extra order per level of your tactical assistant, up to a maximum of 10 orders with a level 5 tactical assistant. Keep in mind that the limit of 3 substitutions per match still applies, even when you have a Tactical Assistant.

Style of play

With more flexibility you can tune how offensive/defensive you'd like your team to play, with a basis in your coach's tactical affinity.

The style of play ranges between 100% defensive (which is default for defence-minded coaches) and 100% offensive (which is default for coaches who prefer attacking play) with neutral being the middle point. You'll be able to set this for each match in the match order interface where you'll get 20pp (percentage points) flexibility per level of your tactical assistant from your coach's style of play.


If you have a defence-minded coach and also a level 5 tactical assistant, you now have an available range of style of play that spans from 100% defensive to neutral. If you have a neither attack nor defence-minded coach along with a level 5 tactical assistant your available range will be span from Neutral half way to both defensive (50%) and offensive (50%). With a level 3 tactical assistant you have a flexibility of moving 60 percentage points on the bar, giving you the option to set your style of play somewhere within these levels:

Level 3 tactical assistant
Defensive Coach Neutral Coach Offensive Coach
from 100% to 40%
defensive style
from 30% defensive to balanced (0)
from balanced (0) to 30% offensive style
from 40% to 100%
offensive style

You need to have your tactical assistant on the payroll at the time of the match. In case you have placed match orders with a tactical assistant, then fired him or have the contract end without renewing it, the match will be simulated without the extra sub/orders and using the default style of play of your current coach.