Coach tactics

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The type of coach that is best for your team will largely depend on your training type. Neutral coaches are often suggested for use with balanced teams, which tend to be common, especially amongst the highest levels of the game. This is the calculation of effects considering the neutral coach as a reference:

  • the Neutral Coach doesn't have a specific influence on your attack/defence ratings.
  • the Offensive Coach offers a boost of 8% to your attack ratings and a penalty of 11% to the defence ratings.
  • the Defensive Coach offers a boost of 14% to your defence ratings and a penalty of 8% to your attack ratings.

When you decide to pick a not neutral coach you must face the different scenario of the relationship coach/training:

  • One school of thought suggests to cover any weaknesses you may have in your weakest area with the coach.
  • The other holds you should pick a coach to boost your strongest area even further, as it maximises the benefit of the coaching bonus.

It can help you decide to analyze what is the weakest area of your team: maybe it's your trained area, or maybe not. To use defensive coaches, as an example, some defence trainers or counter-attacking teams may prefer to enhance their defence ratings even further, whilst teams with strong attack may prefer to use a defensive-minded coach to cover for weaker defenders.