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Since beginning playing Hattrick it has been a goal of manager bobbymkii's to create a fully homegrown squad capable of reaching the higher levels of the hattrick system. The current team has made it to England Series IV with on average 8 players in the starting lineup who began their careers in the club's "Ratpiglets" youth academy. This article is intended to go into the details of the program's history and future.

Bobby's manifesto

  • I started with the intention of training a homegrown team because I thought it would be a more rewarding way to play the game, and would make my team stand out against most other teams which consist largely of foreign players.
  • Such is the extent of this that all my YA scouts search for players only in the team's home region of Teesside.
  • I currently train short passes
  • I train my homegrown players in a cycle. Defending>Winger>Forwards(& Passing)>Defending>Winger>Forwards(&passing)>Defending>Winger etc...
  • If I find a gap I may do a season of SP training here and there and in off-seasons.
  • When I change training I keep my best trainees and sell the rest.
  • In the seasons before changing I change my scouts to recruit players of the position I intend to train next, and train them in the YA ready for promotion in time for the change.
  • When I'm not looking to promote any players from my YA into first team training I look for Playmakers or Goalkeepers to be trained in the YA and sold upon promotion.
  • I never intend to train GK (or at least I didn't until Martin came along, decision pending) or PM (Because it's too common), however...
  • I hope that one day, enough of my former YA PM or GK will receive training at another club and re-emerge on the market for me to spend a fortune to bring back to the club, giving me my ultimate aim... a competitive starting XI of players who all came from my YA!!
  • I've recently re-bought two IM's, Neil Grant and Wilfred "Wilfie" Marks, both of whom are getting some passing training at the minute.
  • My ideal side would be Supernatural in main skill and then between outstanding and supernatural in relevant secondaries.
  • When changing training I fill my remaining training slots with older, higher skilled skill tradees (English if possible) mainly in order to remain competitive rather than for profit. They are sold once my YA players make the grade.
  • Despite the changes I am not looking to train older players in the cycle...
  • Though I am planning an experiment once the next defence cycle begins. I have two equal age equal leadership defenders, one (Hall) has better secondary skills, the other (Trainer) has a useful speciality [Head]. Both will be around 31yo, Trainer will be sold, Hall will have a bonus year of defence training and will then be sold. Who will cost more? And will it be worth it? The Transfer Market... decides!

The Past

This section outlines the history of the program since it was founded.

The Class of '08

I started training defence, mainly because that was the ilk of my most (and also not very) promising youth players. Some of them were sold as soon as they were worth anything at all, some stayed on until I changed training and in my last season of defence training I brought in 3 skill tradees who played in friendlies and were raised 2 levels each. Three of these players, however, made the grade. The very first of which was "Big" Nick Hall who has now played over 100 league/cup games for the club. His monoskilled head specialist mate Tommy Trainer was also from the same breed. The final survivor of the bunch is Phil Bannatyen, who promoted with weak defending and solid winger. After his promotion and with promising prospect Ken McCartney in the academy I decided that my next skill to train wound be Winger. Bannatyen spent the rest of his training learning winger - leading him to be a good low wage MS wingback.

The Class of '09

My winger training spell had much more planning in advance than with the defenders, with a couple of wingbacks benefiting from the half training WB slots. The principle member of this group was Ken McCartney who was later joined by Drsalu "Salli" Nandyal who didn't have as much time to develop as him, but still makes several first team appearances. Two others came from the YA and were sold when I changed to scoring and I also gave some training to a non-YA 1st team Inner Midfielder for a reasonable profit. I then changed to train scoring...

The Present

The class of '10

The first was David Clancy who I promoted before the end of my winger training group so he received a little bit of winger training before he was joined by Rudolph "Rudi" Hopper and the standout candidate of the group Steven Clarke. To fill the other 3 slots I brought in a few older, higher skilled skill tradees as I wanted to push for promotion at the first hurdle. The first of these was Thomas Truman, an English Centre forward with good passing and stamina to make up for a pretty average scoring skill - thus a perfect candidate both to make a profit on later and to do a job for my first team. The other signing I made was a Croatian Brilliant PM with formidable passing, Vedran Santo. He was bought with the intention of becoming a fairly affordable Technical Defensive Forward and played a very important role in the team's promotion to series IV.

This left me with one slot remaining, which has been a bit of a problem since the change. Time was running out and I was having difficulty getting online to find a striker similar to Truman's age and skill so I made a panic buy who was barely better than some of my trainees. I eventually aborted him for a loss of about £100k and brought in Elmer Fereday as my team was struggling against the might of some of the defences in my league. Once those boys caught up however, he was sold and Clarke became a 1st team regular despite only being in his teen years.

A late addition and the FIFTH homegrown striker to receive training was Billy Rosen. He managed to get to solid before being sold for a few bob.

After Season 44 Truman, Santo and Rosen were sold and the club moved onto short passes training. The principle trainees are the strikers Clarke, Hopper, Young and Clancy with other members of the squad receiving some training as well, including some welcome returnees.


As stated in the bullets above it is part of the team's policy to sell some youth academy players from the squad and buy them back to the club after they have been trained elsewhere.

So far two players have returned to the club through this system, Neil Grant and Wilfred "Wilfy" Marks. Both are now training passing in the club's first Team.