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How about making tables? It will be easier to see things. I will make one (of the 2006 stats) and if it is not appreciated, then it is ok to change back. I will also change the date format.

F.C Lech Poznan

Why do F.C Lech Poznan not win the championship after they beat Mironki on 2008-01-09? By my calculations, the current champions should be, the current holders of the Dutch (Nederland) Cup.

This is correct. They made a mistake - i also saw it and wrote a change. Then it was already added by Garu M. But I added the rest of 2002 in the Clubteams ranking. It still has to be added in the Countries ranking though :).

All good, some good edits there, too. However, I do think that my (Garu_M) calculations for some numbers of days are correct. For example, 2007-03-01 to 2007-03-08 is one week, and should be counted as seven days.

Thanks! Your work is admirable too :). Can you give me some examples of incorrect numbers on my part please? Then i can recalculate it :). I think i already understand the days / weeks system: if you concquer the cup in the competition for instance and you loose it a week later in the competition you have owned the cup for 7 days. The day of the match in which you win the cup is the first day to be counted, but the day you lose the cup isn't counted for your team but for the next owner.

I will try to at some point, but every time I try to, I start falling asleep or something. It seems quite alright as far as I have got so far (08.09.2004).

Championship rules

Currently used rules:

  • League, Qualification, Friendly and Masters games are counted.
  • Tournaments are not counted.
  • The standing on the match page is used, meaning: extra time and penalties are taking into account (even in friendlies).