Taneli Norolampi

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Taneli Norolampi (186417610)
Personal Information
Full name Taneli Norolampi
Age57 years and 54 days
Country  Suomi
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
7/34 - 9/34Suomi Ac Sähäri2(1)
9/34 - 15/34Danmark ~Bull~5(2)
15/34 - 7/35Polska Fc pierdziochy5(1)
7/35 - 13/35Bulgaria F.C.KardjaliAllStars8(1)
13/35 - 16/44España San Juan de la Canal133(32)
16/44 - 12/45Latvija Latviešu BANDA15(10)
12/45 - 7/47Catalunya Bertí FC32(10)
7/47 - 13/48Deutschland rostock süd26(21)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Taneli Norolampi is a professional Finnish Hattrick player. His natural position is midfielder, with great creativity and set pieces. It was the first great sign-in of Bertí FC, the greatest transfer in of the club for those years and he arrived to help the team to grow and promote to higher divisions. Two seasons after, younger players moved from the main team and requested a transfer to take advantage of his last years as a player.

His transfer-out was a disappointment for fans of Bertí. He played half a season in his new team and on his 33 birthday he decided to return to their country to see their children grow.

Stats by season at Bertí FC[edit]

Season League Position Matches played Goals Awards
33 (45) España X.154 3rd 4 0 -
34 (46) España X.154 1st 21 7 League champion
35 (47) España IX.1325 2nd 7 3 -



Division IX.PNG 1 title (España IX.1345 with San Juan de la Canal at season 27)
Division X.PNG 2 titles (España X.1330 with San Juan de la Canal at season 24 and España X.154 with Bertí FC at season 34)
Division XI.PNG 1 title (España XI.1822 with San Juan de la Canal at season 23)

Bertí FC records[edit]

  • Most games as captain: 17 (overtaken by Catalunya Isidro Isuzquiza at Spanish season 37).
  • Most expensive transfer-in when the transfer was made: 200000€ at week 12 season 33 (overtaken by Portugal Tiago Ramão at Spanish season 34).

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