Tanzanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXXI

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The Tanzanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXXI final results. The winner will lead U-20 team during U-20 World Cup XXXI . The final rounds will be played in Argentina .

Place Manager Votes
1 knutsch_er 5
2 Old_boy 1
3 giugiaro 0
4 Shumen1929 0
5 Shar_Q_terry 0
6 cristirai 0
7 guillermofava 0
8 Lesovod 0

Candidate speech

It was in early 2017 when i joined the Tanzanian U20/NT Federation and soon started to scout my first generation. Thanks to your votes i could compete the first time as U20 coach. We had a great victory against Germany (631391939) :-)) I‘m very happy about the second squad i could build. It was fun and it will be a huge challange to reach the world cup a third time in a row. All good things come in threes ;-) Please give me your vote once again! Many thanks and regards, knutsch_er

Created by User:Old boy