Tanzanian elections for U-20 World Cup XXXII

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The Tanzanian elections for U-21 World Cup 1 final results. The winner will lead U-20 team during the first U21 Africa Cup hosted by South Africa and U-21 World Cup 1 hosted by Switzerland .

Place Manager Votes
1 Speakeasy 106
2 Goriola_WONT_PAY 16
3 pettersson14 6
4 vale112786 4
5 Corniche 0

Candidate speech

Passion! Diligence! Duty! Success!

It's been a long way of almost 500 days from the beginning of the upcoming generation scouting until today! Scouting the youth teams, scouting the main teams, hundrets of messages, training advices and adjustments but my motivation is still on top level! We have a great :32 generation with over 80 players on the top lists and it will be a new challenge to deal with the new world cup format! I'm looking forward to be head of the :32 generation.