Tanzanian elections for World Cup XIX

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The Tanzanian elections for World Cup XIX final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XIX . The final rounds will be played in Crna Gora .

Place Manager Votes
1 maradona84 6
2 Retired user 4
3 steverocha 3
4 Koebeli-Kuhn 0
5 Retired user 0
6 _roeu_ 0
7 Serj_Tankian 0
8 Retired user 0
9 sirob73 0
10 s33vald 0
11 safir2012 0
12 winil 0
13 Retired user 0

Candidate speech

I feel ready to run for this elections!

Program/Objectives -Pass qualifications -Continue the work SerenG has done for several seasons -collaborate even more with U20 team -create a pool of trainers for the NT players, maximizing what we have -Make Tanziania a known country around NT world -collaborate with local users making them more involved in NT team maradona84

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