Tanzanian elections for World Cup XX

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The Tanzanian elections for World Cup XX final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XX . The final rounds will be played in Tounes .

Place Manager Votes
1 SerenG 12
2 maradona84 4
3 Retired user 1
4 Eques_Cap 0
5 corragio 0
6 lstzR 0
7 BobOzzi 0
8 FruscianteJohn 0
9 Retired user 0

Candidate speech

Hey Guys,

It's me again...:-) After sitting on the sidelines for one term - i feel i need, and want, to come back - with your permission of course...

We're facing great opportunities ahead with the new changes in team ownership and as i was taking a leading part in building our national team heritage - i'd be honored if you trust in me to lead our national team once again onto it's next step of evoluton.

Time for us to aim higher


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