Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXIII

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The Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXIII final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXIII . The final rounds will be played in Indonesia .

Place Manager Votes
1 SerenG 8
2 mhina 1
3 Retired user 1
4 Retired user 0
5 Retired user 0
6 Retired user 0
7 Retired user 0
8 GuardiolaFCB 0
9 nowak1212 0
10 Retired user 0
11 Retired user 0

Candidate speech

Hey Guys

It's me again asking for your vote...:-)

We're in the final stages of our long term project of building a world class National team. Evidently it is sucseeding - as Tanzania qualified for the world cup for the first time and with a bit of luck - we could have climbed even further.

It's not done - the team can and will be even better when we'll be done.

Hope you'd trust me again to complete the mission



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