Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXIV

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The Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXIV final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXIV . The final rounds will be played in Eesti .

Place Manager Votes
1 SerenG 4
2 Retired user 1
3 mhina 1
4 Retired user 0
5 Retired user 0
7 the_ozz 0

Candidate speech

Hey Guys!

Once again i'm asking for your vote of confidence.

This is the World cup we've been aiming towards since the NT build up project started a few seasons ago - so, it's time to reap the fruits of the this long effort.

I've asked your approval a few seasons ago to embarke on this long journey - and now, simply put - we should aim at qualification and betond - and afterwards leave a solid foundation for our future campaigns.

Hope to gain your trust once more


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