Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXXII

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The Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXXII final results. The winner will lead NT during World Cup XXXII . The final rounds will be played in Ireland .

Place Manager Votes
1 Gonzo77 4
2 xAnGuIsx 2
3 Goriola_WONT_PAY 1
4 kese89 0
6 scharre 0
7 ahmadkiapasha 0
8 DT-Tato 0

Candidate speech

Good morning!!. I am an experienced manager -3xNT and 4xU20-, who comes to your country to contribute what I know. I hope that with the help of local native and non-native users we can work together to improve the players in Tanzania and bring them to great results in the future. With the current team we will try to surprise and achieve a qualification to the World Cup. I will leave everything to achieve this. Thank you all!!! Vote Gonzo77!!


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