Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXXIII

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The Tanzanian elections for World Cup XXXIII final results. The winner will lead NT during first Africa Cup hosted by Nigeria and World Cup XXXIII hosted by Venezuela.

Place Manager Votes
1 Buk_Lau 66
2 Tovenaar_010 29
3 mhina 15
4 lean037 6
5 hicksy13 3
6 matiasing 0

Candidate speech

Hello everyone!

Buk_Lau is back... For those who don't know me, I've served as a U20 coach for 2 terms, then I did NT for 3 terms. Ever since I have been training Tanzanian players. I know Tanzania and I know it's players. I've been passive but I always said I'll be back and now it's the time.

Okay now what can I do? I can manage the National Team, I am tactically able and I will involve the community with the decisions in our national fed, the public forum will be active as well