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Taverna di Boe (TdB)


Federation Logo
AllianceID: 79609
Chief Officer: DJBluemaxTdB
Founding date: 27-12-2008
Members: 420 (09-03-2010)
Languages: Italian

The Taverna di Boe (TdB) (AllianceID: 79609) founded at December 27th 2008 by DJBluemaxTdB. TdB is a federation with users mainly from Italy. This federation is dedicated to Simpson animated sitcom.


The federation is a place birth to exchange words and meet friends. Newbies are able you receive help from more experienced consumers so that to improve own ability in Hattrick.
The federation boast of a lot of initiatives for own user.


Landmarks of this federation are the games about hattrick, the "tutor" section with a coaching staff, the services for logos and shirts, youthleagues and Torneo della Taverna tournament.

The games

  • Schedina: classical game which needs to predict match results.
  • Indovina il risultato: predict the match score from end match ratings.
  • Match Ball (by ChiccoMN and bachforever): predict league match scores.
  • Bomberissimi (by ChiccoMN): predict if schedule players in the list will score in their league match.
  • SnapShot-Game (by ChiccoMN and Jaicker): hit request names from some pictures.
  • Sherlok Holmes (by ChiccoMN and Avellinomania): hit request real player names through clues.

The competitions

  • Divisa più bella: competition for elect the most beautiful shirt.
  • Stadio più bello della Taverna: competition for elect the most beautiful stadium.
  • Giocatore più brutto: competition for elect the most ugly player.
  • Logo più bello: competition for elect the most beautiful logo.

The tournament

Every hattrick's season all italian people can take part in a tournament called "Torneo della Taverna", or "Torneo Taverna di Boe"

The record

Since 03-08-2009, the federation joined in the most populated italian federations ranking.

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