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TeamGey is a Dutch team managed by Gekleurd. TeamGey currently plays in VII.547.

Since 24-03-2005 manager Gekleurd started off with TeamGey. On this page a little more is being told about the manager, the team and it's history.


The name that has been chosen for this hattrick team came from a funny moment experienced by manager Gekleurd. For some reasons his friends started calling him Gey and to make a little statement TeamGey was started by Gekleurd. The name doesn't imply any bad intentions or thoughts considering gay people, it's just a name with a 'history'.

TeamGey started with a few relegations, unfortunately. The manager didn't spend much time on the team and only in the 3rd season he started understanding hattrick and showing some more interest in his team. Being in a low division, Gey didn't have any problems getting to the first place that season. The 2nd 'serious' season was a big fight for the title between Gey and two other teams and by some bad luck, Gey ended up 3rd. After that, Gey got into VIII.1499 where they ended up 2nd 3 times in a row. Only in the 4th season in that division, Gey became the champion and promoted to the VII'th division.

The first season in VII.547 Gey's goal was the 3rd or 4th place; A pretty high rank without promotion. Gey managed to get 3rd and in the current season (NL 23) they're fighting for the title with FC Wodanzoon and le coque sportif as most important competetors.

Memorable things[edit]

In the years TeamGey is playing hattrick, there were a few things worth mentioning:

  • Obviously, the player who scored most goals for Gey ever was Roderick Zandee, who also became topscorer one time.
  • More than Zandee, Gey's real hero has allways been Anton Dvornikov. A lot of press announcements were made about him, and unfortunate he left Gey to an other team. Since he left it almost seems that Gey is getting a lot less extra supporting fans every week..
  • The last person really worth mentioning is Paul Geerts. A player that never got to the top, but has the same name as the manager's real name. This player didn't play to score goals for Gey, but he was bought to become technical director.

Finally, I'd like to mention the dR.cup as an important friendly-Cup for Gey to participate in. I'm allready exited to play next year's edition after losing the semi final this season!


Results in the dR.cup.

Edition Result Wins Draws Losses
1st edition 3rd place 5 1 1
Total 5 1 1

This team has participated in the dR.cup