Temka Football Club

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Temka FC (1903268)
Full Name: Temka Football Club
Nickname: The Gunners
Founded: 11th February 2009 as Temka FC
Ground: The Gunner's Ground (Capacity: 60 000) (1899830)
Location: Temka, Tbilisi
Owner/Manager: LA-Doody
League:  Sakartvelo II.4
Last Season: II.4, 3rd
Prize shelf: Division IV.PNG Division IV.PNGDivision IV.PNGDivision III.PNG
Fan club: Temkians (more than 3100)

Temka Football Club is a Georgian club in Hattrick. It was founded on 11th of February 2009 right the day before the manager LA-Doody's birthday (he was named grandyoza when he first registered in Hattrick). The club had played in IV.47 division in Sakartvelo, for three consecutive seasons before it boosted up to III.13, where they also spent 3 consecutive seasons. However they never be able to win the league and were relegated down to IV.56. It was very frustrating moment for the team players and especially for their manager but they managed to put themselves together and started to work even harder. 2 seasons after that they'd finished at 3rd in II.4


1st Season

After the team had been registered to Hattrick Temka FC managed to win their debut season in the league but they failed to survive the qualification round loosing at the stadioum of S.S. Arcivebi in the penalty shoot-out in spite of the score was opened by Temka's Mirko Agiato on the 14th minute of the very special match. Mauro Dubois from S.S. Arcivebi scored an equalizer goal after 62 minutes of playing. That wasn't Temka's day, beacause they lost the match in football's international lottery called "penalty shoot-out" 5-3.

2nd Season

The second season started with high hopes and ambitions, the team had the opportunity to play in Georgian Cup for the very first time. Everything went well, the team started the season with five consecutive wins in both League and Cup games but the day of big blow was still to come. The manager grandyoza enjoyed himself in Cup games more than anything and decided to make his team oriented on surviving as more rounds as he could. While in that, it came the time to play against the debutant side ledi karate the away game and the season's biggest disappointment appeared in the score-line. Temka lost 0-1. The Cup game was lost 0-2 on the Arashenda Stadium. The manager started to think about the revenge but his side shared the points againts ledi karate in the second leg game with the score 2-2. Temka took the second place in the league.


During 2 season's time Lord-Henry managed to increase the size of The Arashenda Stadium from 12 000 to 30 000, while he presented a new solid coach Sebastian Aysen, bought some talented young players and founded a new youth academy system where young Georgians are given chance to improve their level of skills and make a big step-up to the Senior Team. As you can hear, Lord-Henry hasn't wasted a second during these two season's time and he strongly believes in Temka FC's chances next season.

On the 12th August 2010 the manager was officially announced as a Hattrick stuff member - Language Administrator. Since then, he's named LA-Doody.

Club History

Global Season (Sakartvelo) League Georgian Cup Hattrick Masters
40 (16) 1st* in IV.47 4th round -
39 (15) 2nd in IV.47 4th round -
38 (14) Division IV.PNG 1st in IV.47 - -


  • Division IV.PNG Series Champions IV.47 Season 38 (14)

Club Records

22.02-3.03.2009. Temka Football Club had won 11 games in a row from 22nd February to 3rd March 2009 in league.

14.06-27.09.2009. The Club had been undefeated for 17 games in a row from 14th July to 29th September 2009.

16.08.2009. 22 993 people arrived to attend the match against Rustavee on The Arashenda Stadium in the League game on 16th August 2009.

21.09.2009. Club's highest spending transfer was made on 21st September 2009 when 17-year-old Lukas Hupkes put is pen on the paper and signed a long-term contract for Temka Football Club for 2 896 000 Lari transfer fee.

30.09.2009. 29390 supporters came to The Arashenda Stadium to see the Georgian Cup 4th round match against F.C. BARBAROSA on 30th September 2009.


Everybody knows that Hattrick is not only a game for training, making lineups and transfers. There are some extra activities make the game more entertaining. Temka Football Club takes a place in Flag chasing and also is also collecting achievements.

Flag chasing

Hosted countries (7):

 Brunei  Danmark  Deutschland  Indonesia  Israel
 Polska  Schweiz

Visited countries (16):

 Andorra  Bahrain  Bulgaria  Cabo Verde  Česká republika
 Costa Rica  Danmark  Deutschland  Hong Kong  Indonesia
 Ísland  Italia  Lubnan  Pilipinas  Polska



  • 16.02.2009 (4/38) Team was ranked amongst the top
  • 20.02.2009 (4/38) Pulled a youth player
  • 20.02.2009 (4/38) Bought player
  • 05.03.2009 (6/38) Player's skill increased
  • 07.03.2009 (6/38) Sold player
  • 03.06.2009 (3/39) Advanced from round 3 in the Cup
  • 14.06.2009 (4/39) Sold a youth player
  • 27.06.2009 (6/39) Rebought a former youth player
  • 04.07.2009 (7/39) Sold a rebought youth player
  • 13.07.2009 (9/39) Fan club size exceeded 1000 members
  • 19.07.2009 (9/39) Cash is king
  • 09.08.2009 (12/39) Total TSI of the squad exceeded


  • 15.02.2009 (3/38) Home-grown lineup
  • 25.02.2009 (5/38) Played international friendly match
  • 22.03.2009 (8/38) Team reached at least 30 stars in a match
  • 28.04.2009 (14/38) Team reached an average match rating of weak
  • 24.06.2009 (6/39) Veteran lineup
  • 01.07.2009 (7/39) Youthful lineup


  • 27.02.2009 (5/38) Wrote a forum post
  • 18.03.2009 (8/38) Wrote a press announcement
  • 15.05.2009 (16/38) Founded federation, received more than 10 members

Special Awards

  • 15.02.2009 (3/38) Team has 0 expenses (deleted achievement)
Total 284 of 983 possible points