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Pattern for template update

To keep this template up to date, for every missing edition of World Cup add:

! [[World Cup ?number?|WC ?edition?]] {{Flagicon|?host?}} !!<small>?election?</small> 
| {{#if:{{{WC?_votes_nolink|}}}|{{{WC?_votes_nolink}}}|[[{{{national}}} elections for World Cup ?number?|{{#if:{{{WC?edition?_votes|}}}|{{{WC?edition?_votes}}}|? / ?}}]]}}
| {{#if:{{{WC?edition?_coach|}}}|[[User:{{{WC?edition?_coach}}}|{{{WC?edition?_coach}}}]]|''unknown''}}
| {{#if:{{{CC?edition?result|}}}|{{{CC?result}}}|-}}
| {{#if:{{{WC?edition?result|}}}|{{{WC?result}}}|''Did not qualify''}}


  • WC?edition?_coach = name of elected manager for that WC.
  • WC?edition?_votes = add only if known: number of votes / total votes in national election.
  • WC?edition?result = final position in World Cup.
  • CC?edition?result = final position in Continental Cup.
  • national = (required!) "adjective" of nation (example: Italian, Polish, Oceanian, etc.).
  • color1 = optional, adds a color border outside table.
  • color2 = more optional color border inside the table.

Remember to add correct text between ?_? (for ?number?, ?host?, ?edition?, ?election?)

{{{national}}} NT Coaches History
Ed. / Host Election Votes Manager Continental Cup World Cup Result
WC 033 Venezuela 21 May 2021 [[{{{national}}} elections for World Cup XXXIII|? / ?]] User.png unknown - Did not qualify