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The Axis - HT Central (TAX) (15579)
Chief Officer Orestes
Founding date 09-12-2004
Members 34 (on 11-07-2009)
Languages English

The Axis - HT Central was proudly established almost 5 years ago and continues to grow from strength to strength. The Axis - HT Central represents an active conference where jokes are shared between mates from Oceania and abroad as "Vigilantes" within it. It is a federation with it's origins in Oceania but welcomes English speaking Hattrick users from around the globe.


For the time being there is a truce held between the Alliance and the Axis, the origins of the rivalry between the Axis and the alliance however can directly be traced back to when posts made inside the federation forums made it out into the Oceanian conference. Some members of the OC took offense to these posts and because of this, they decided to make a federation directly opposing the Alliance and everything that it stood for.

Things were to get worse before they got better and Alliance, and Axis members frequently squared off in the Oceania conferences. Things however have since cooled down and the last rivalry between the two federations was in a now defunct seasonal "Alliance vs Axis Cup" which was held as an end of season playoff between members of both federations at the end of Oceania's season.

The Axis went on to win the final cup by default after many Alliance teams failed to turn up to their matches.

The Axis as a name

Many people within Oceania and other HT countries have taken offense to the naming of the Axis, and its relation to the world wars. However that said even though the context is there for it to be taken that way, it is only used in the context of being the oposite to what the Alliance is, in the same way the Axis was the opposition to the Aliance, and does not assume any other context. There have been many minor changes to accomodate the Axis as the choice of name to define us as a federation, however that said everyone must not assume that we are in any way sympathisers to the Axis's cause.

Chief Officers

In the history of the Axis there have been 3 Chief Officers otherwise reffed to as the President -Rogs-, Mod-quaker3 and 0restes. Mod-qaker3 Recently became president after -Rogs- failed to renew his supporter package this led to an election that was held during a 4 day run off period from the 11th to the 15th of July with 0restes winning 8 votes to 7 over Mikewho.

The Blacklist

The Axis was conceived in part due to an Alliance blacklist, while it was inevitable that not everyone would be allowed into the Alliance many members took offense to this and as such it gave birth to an opposing federation that stood for everything the Alliance did not stand for. Unfortunately for the members of the Alliance, or fortunately for the members that would go on to create the Axis this list was publicised when a user from the Alliance forgot to turn their signature off in the OC and as such it sparked a fierce rivalry that would go on for many seasons.

Block Voting

After some time, the Alliance had grown to a point where the amount of members could potentially sway the voting and make one of it's members either the Oceanian manager or U-20 manager.

When election time came and the election for U-20 was won by an Alliance member, accusations started to fly in the OC that The Alliance had block voted for the member. Considering that around 7 of the top 10 candidates (including the first 3) were all Alliance members, Alliance members could do nothing to sway the doubters.

When an Alliance member then won the next election, these same accusations were again brought out with similar results sparking controversy in the Ocenaian forums and in The Axis itself.


Due to the fierce rivalry between the Axis and the Alliance many Axis members have coined a term for Alliance members, this term scowlingly has come to label Alliance members as Appliances. Much like their electrical counterparts this is in reference to the off switch that most appliances have. While this switch has not yet been found it is a long held belief that the Axis will eventually turn off, or shut down the Appliance for good.

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