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An election in Hattrick is a democratic vote to decide who will be the next National Trainer or U-20 Coach for a country. Elections happen every sixteen weeks (one season) and last exactly a week, though sometimes the speeches are released before the voting has begun. Users vote for candidates in their own country. The vast majority of candidates open an election thread in their national conference, usually with the header [NT] or [U20]. In any election you can vote for every user in the hattrick world, unless they have declined already. Though the majority of managers are, no country has to elect a manager from their own country. No vote is final, and can be changed up until the last minute before the polls close (usually 7h AM HT-Time). Elections occur almost immediately after the World Cup has ended. Elected managers serve for thirty-two weeks as the manager of either the national team or U-20 team.

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