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An election in Hattrick is a democratic vote to decide who will be the next National Trainer or U-20 Coach for a country.

The NT coach and U-20 NT coach are elected every two seasons by the users of the country the team is from; the senior squad election is staggered to happen on different seasons than the U-20 squad elections. The manager stays in function, under normal circumstances, for two seasons after which new elections are held to elect a new national coach.

One major issue for national teams have been that not many users vote in elections, which means that especially small leagues have been vulnerable to rigged elections. This has typically happened by way of fake accounts registered ahead of time, then placing the vote on a certain candidate. To avoid this happening in the future, every vote has been "weighted" since January 2021.


Every sixteen weeks (one season), the election's campaign starts the day after a World Cup final (usually at 7:00 AM Hattrick Time) and lasts for a week. Elections happen the last week of a season, though sometimes the speeches are released before the voting has begun. Users vote for candidates in their own country. The vast majority of candidates open an election thread in their national forum, usually with the header [NT] or [U20].

In any election, the candidate coach can be every user in the HT world, and he don't need to have the same nationality of the NT. Though the majority of managers are, no country has to elect a manager from their own country. The users can vote for every candidate, unless they have declined already. No vote is final, and can be changed up until the last minute before the polls close (usually 7h AM HT-Time). Elections occur almost immediately after the World Cup has ended. Elected managers serve for thirty-two weeks as the manager of either the national team or U-20 team.

The elected as coach cannot be a coach of two national teams or two U-20 teams at the same time (in this case he has to choose one country and decline the other mandates).

For the duration of his office, the current U-20 national coach has also access to the national coaches' conference.


A single user only place one vote on one candidate. Depending on seniority and activity in the game, his/her vote achieves extra weight in the final tally.

Local users receives their first vote after one season, then extra ones after 5, 10, and 15 seasons in the game.

Users also get up to two engagement votes, depending on how active their team management have been. These limits have been designed to be very easy to achieve for any normally managed team, but very tedious to achieve if you are maintaining a set of fake teams for several seasons just to rig an election somewhere.

To solve the extra vulnerability of very small leagues, where there may be only a handful of real local users, a minimum of one season in the game is needed for users to vote at all.

Over time you can acquire bonus votes (3 extra and/or 2 engagement votes), making your vote count for more than a recent arrival in your league. Bonus votes are also granted to users that have been actively managing their team in the previous season.

Additional team

Users with additional teams abroad may not be local, but they have still committed to the league and are often actively helping out the national teams. They have the right to vote in their "adopted" leagues while these users have a smaller vote than local users with the voting weights (enough to counter attempts to rig elections using fake local accounts).

Additional team users receive their first vote after 2 seasons, then just one bonus one after 10 seasons in the same league.

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