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Thread is the common name for a topic in the Hattrick conferences. Each post in the conferences has its unique ID. To refer or link to a thread the ID number of the first post in that thread is used.


When posting a message, it's possible to include a link to another one, by using the tage [message=xxx,yy] where xxx,yy stands for the ID of the message.

The conference manual suggests a number of other possible HT-ML codes.


A thread in a Hattrick conference can be filled with up to 1000 different messages, including the first one. At message 1000 a thread closes automatically. Having moderation rights (this includes the federation moderators), it's possible to open the thread again and to add a 1001st and also a 1002nd message. After message 1002, a thread can never be opened again.

Before the 23rd of June 2003 there has been no limitations at all. As this lead to speed issues with the servers, it had to be changed.

Hattrick announces
Conference limit - postings per thread 23.06.2003
As you may know, we have been working on improving stability and speed in the conferences and they are now much faster than before, but we're still not satisfied. We've now discovered a major problem: A small number of threads contain an extreme amount of postings to the same thread (say 20.000 postings...). Now we are forced to take the following measure: Threads which reach 1000 postings will automatically be closed. You can always start a new identical thread and continue the discussion.

Giving moderator rights to the federations opened a loophole for a short period, as it was possible once again to post an unlimited number of messages in a thread, even though the threads closed automatically after each additional message.