Titans of 2006 Trophy

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Titans of 2006 Trophy (3116058)
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The Titans of 2006 Trophy is a huge international official tournament in which participants are the clubs who join the game in 2006.


Edition Nat. Champion
1 Austria Apetlon CF
2 Norway Express IL
3 Netherlands team speknek
4 Israel Rehovot's Wizards
5 Turkey Mafia SK
6 France Intrepide Angers
7 Spain Messi & Robinho & Silva
8 Portugal Venenosos FC
9 Czech Republic Kikso United
10 USA The Outfit
11 Netherlands VVFristi
12 Denmark Sutsko United
13 Czech Republic FC Bělokozly
14 Denmark Sutsko United
15 Belgium Clover avenua
16 Denmark Sutsko United