Toros Osorno Futbol Club

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Toros Osorno Futbol Club (270296)
Managed by CDPO-draddatz
Club information
Location Los Lagos Chile
Geographic areaSouth America
StadiumParque Rubén Marcos Peralta (85.001 seats)
Fan ClubLa Limite Sur
Last update of this page was made 20.04.2015

Toros Osorno Futbol Club is a team of south of Chile, more specifically from the city Osorno in the region Región de Los Lagos. The team was founded on Septembre 2th in 2003 by harryDX. Is the best team of the Osorno city.

Is one of the most winning teams in Chile, with 13 league trophies, 2 of them in third division. Currently plays in the second divisioon stronger, the II.1.

Current Squad


  • Antonio Anguita Chile
  • Vinicio Almeida Portugal


  • Lucio Mac Kay Chile
  • Andy Abbot Chile
  • Bruno Antuffo Italy
  • Erich Raddatz Germany
  • Fernando Soupper Chile
  • Ryan Vuillemin France
  • Teodor Gjerde Norway


  • Adrián Garbiso Chile
  • Sergio Mutis Chile
  • Pedro Aguirre Chile
  • Felipe Sierra Torras Chile
  • Franklin Roberts Chile
  • Renzo Schirmer Switzerland



  • Daniel Feliú Chile

Squad Toros Osorno Futbol Club

Hall Of Fame

  • Andy Luna Chile: Sports Journalist
  • Matthias Karpinski Germany: Entrepreneur
  • Dennis Raddatz Germany: Agent
  • Emilio Felipe Hoffmann Chile: Public Relations Manager

Trainers Of The Team´s History

  • Raul Ramirez Chile: 02/09/2003-28/12/2003
  • Ângelo Simão Salvador Portugal: 28/12/2003-02/03/2004
  • Steve McEvoy Canada: 02/03/2004-19/11/2004
  • Matthias Karpinski Germany: 19/11/2004-11/11/2007
  • Emilio Felipe Hoffmann Chile: 11/11/2007-18/10/2010
  • Daniel Feliú Chile: 18/10/2010-Present


Ruben Marcos Peralta Arena

Team: Toros Osorno Futbol Club

Country: Chile

Regions: Los Lagos

Last Remodeling: 18/08/2006

Total Capacity: 85001

Terraces: 53125

Basic seating: 21250

Seats under roof: 8500

Seats in VIP boxes: 2126