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Giggsip is the Israeli manager of Universal M.

In real life Giggsip is Arik Galansky, a 21 years old fella from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Founder of the HT Israel Magazine.

Wrote a few articles for the Israeli community, One of which caused the renewal and reinvention of the Israeli conference.

Retired as of 23/12/2005.


Inspired the Giggsipianism, a term invented by Chingiss when describing Giggsip (Arik), saying that this phenomenon, the Giggsipianism, is driving him away from the Israeli conference.

Not much time later Chingiss was removed from Hattrick, but the phenomenon stayed alive mostly as a joke and is usually refered to as a nickname for Arik, especially when he speaks out, holding nothing back and ignoring the usual PC(politically correct) concepts.


Supported Teams

  • Hapoel Lod
  • Hapoel Beer-Sheva
  • netanya king's

Current Projects

Israel - Adding some info about Israel into hattrick wiki in an organized way.

Templates - Help the introduction of templates into hattrick wiki.

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