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International titles
Preceded by
Spentrup IF
Season 71
Hattrick Masters
Season 72
Succeeded by
De Rodenburcht
Season 73

Il-padrone is the manager of the teams ROD Rom from Germany and St.Paul United F.C from Northern Ireland that became champions of Hattrick Masters XXXXV.


Interview with il-padrone - the Hattrick Masters champion
by So4ok8 (28/09/2019 07:07)

Hi! So4ok8 (9630708) here! I have dreamed of doing an interview. But never imagined sitting next to the champion of the Hattrick masters. Basically we can call him the Champion of champions. I sit across him and it is easy to sense his calm demeanor. I want to know so much. And he is willing to talk. il-padrone (7197589) a Hattrick Legend.

Me: Hi, champ!! It is a huge honor to do this interview with you. I want to first congratulate you once again on winning the hattrick masters. I don't get to ask the Champion of Champions questions every day. Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

il-padrone: Thank you very much, I'm still not sure if that actually happened. But if you say so... My real name is Christian, I am 50 years old and married. After my bones hurt too much in real football, I switched to the virtual version. In Germany, I mostly live in the small university town of Marburg, 100 km from Frankfurt, but also temporarily in Berlin.

Me: You have been actively playing Hattrick for 12 years! Has your experience during this time shaped your management style in any way? Are you offensive or defense-minded?

il-padrone: Of course, a player is shaped by his experience over the years. You learn by learning strategies from the successful clubs, but above all by making mistakes. Furthermore, the rules change and you react in your own way. I would rather see myself as an offensive player, but I don't think much of Kamikaze - strong midfield - strong attack and the good Lord helps in the back. Defensive games can also be won.

Me: This may seem intrusive but What was your first Training schedule?

il-padrone: Ha Ha, none at all. I earned some money, mostly with PM training, and replaced my players with younger/better players depending on their position. That was very tough, but still, it was always a bit higher, until this "concept" became too expensive. Then, analogously to my newly founded Northern Irish team, I set my sights on my own growths.

Me: So, any plans for National Team management? It may seem too early. But why not? Your name will remain among the greats.

il-padrone: In fact, I was recently asked to help out with the NI national team. But I can't spare any time right now. If I would do that, I would do it with full commitment.

Me: Did you ever imagine becoming Hattrick Masters champion?

il-padrone: No, that was too far away. I played in season 71 for the first time ever in the Masters.

Me: Now a bit deeper into your campaign. Did your run to the top have its personal toll on you in your personal life?

il-padrone: Not really, it was a good fit that I was on vacation until round five. When my wife went to sleep, I had a glass of red wine and sat at the opponent analyses and calculated the PIC/MOTS tactics. Afterward, for rounds 6-8, I knew exactly how I would behave if I went one round further.

Me: Did you go into the new season hoping to challenge for every title? Or is there a scale of preference?

il-padrone: I already had the preference for the Masters. But I didn't neglect the championship and the cup and tried to win the games with the means I had anyway. What I did quite well so far.

Me: Are there some players you could handpick as your standout players during your hattrick masters campaign?

il-padrone: No, some players have already played all 8 games, but the decisive players varied from game to game. Maybe Craig Broe (395292119), who became the top scorer. Dule Glaviner (390599514), who held decisive balls in goal very often. The chain Russell (396882949), Hans (403027779) and Herwig (396996892). Homan (402862890). My own growths, who have been playing together since their youth etc.. No! That was a team effort.

Me: A true quality of a quality manager. Now a bit deeper

Round I VS. Koren's Kanoos (647112710):

Me: First Match. Champions of Nigeria. Couldn't have asked for a harder task. How did you approach it?

il-padrone: It could have been all over again. A very difficult lot. In fact, I could only play Kamikaze - strong midfield - strong attack and in the back, the good Lord helps. It worked.

Round III Vs. Corinthians Moçambique (647208274):

Me: And you literally waltzed through. You even had the leverage of giving your key players some time to rest. Were you expecting a tougher encounter?

il-padrone: I don't know what game you saw, I thought it was a coin toss game and should have been won by Corinthians because of the 4-5 odds and the defensive strength. Only the better effectiveness was the deciding factor here.

Round IV Vs. Petis (647339192):

Me: In this match, the opposition came close. But fell short. And your team did what champions do. Take control of the match. And they did it emphatically. I noticed you attacked on the wings? Was there any reason for employing this skill at this stage of the competition??

il-padrone: Round 4 was against Icarus. However, you're right, a game against a long shots specialist is just: PM high, no defense, see where the concrete is thinnest and wait. Against Petis(1624719) it was clear that I had to be patient and that the gaps had to be found through the possession of the ball. That the higher possession of the ball did not lead to a plus in chances, my patience has massively exhausted.

Quarterfinals Vs. Engine Son Football (647369264):

Me: This was a mauling! And you were a bit defensive-minded. What a showing! Did you start dreaming of glory after this match?

il-padrone: The more defensive setting was necessary for the attack strength of Engine. I also couldn't count on higher ball possession because I was playing pin. Clearly you start to think, you win this game, then you're in the last four and they can all win or lose the cup. That's why I only played pin against Engine in the game to have options for further games. Hop or Top!

Semifinals Vs. Koiralan Koirat (647409593):

Me: All the goals came in the first half. And the second half was a formality. Did you gamble in this match? Playing a 4-5-1 what was your reason for this?

il-padrone: I have seen that Koirat in the games before has always taken the D For very effectively in man coverage and because my Defor Coverly had lost some form before. I wanted to let the man coverage run into the void and left him on the bench. So I only had one attacker left, but, with an offensive central defender and a man-to-man marker, I could achieve a balance in midfield. Nevertheless, the victory was quite happy.

The Final Vs Spentrup IF (647444131):

Me: Getting to the final. Was it a "Must Win" or "enjoy yourselves today"? And how were your prematch preparations? Did you abandon everything else for this? And how did you feel going into break 1-0 down?

il-padrone: Definitely a must-win. When do you get to a Master's final? At first I skipped training for the whole week, just little tactics and otherwise the players were free. After all, they had already won the Northern Irish Cup two days earlier. In the beginning, it was clear to me that I had a real chance. The days off made me feel great anticipation and a fantastic team atmosphere among the boys. The 0:1 was, of course, a damper, but I knew that a lot can happen in such a balanced match. And so the luck also weighed back and forth. When the last minute came, I was already grinning, which quickly passed me by. Then the bigger bad luck of arsenal 1886 decided the game.

Me: In the end, you managed to totally dominate the best teams hattrick has to offer in the Hattrick Masters! How do you feel?

il-padrone: Very good, but I also know that there are 256 very good teams in this tournament. And very many can win it. Besides good players, good line-ups also a lot of luck belongs to it.

Me: You are very realistic. And you have a great sense of respect for your opponents. Do you see yourself having a go again next season?

il-padrone: Of course I'm trying! I am already qualified.

Me: How do you plan to keep your team active for the challenges to come?

il-padrone: Since my players aren't so young anymore, I thought about yoga and beer.

Me: ha ha ha ha. Would you consider yourself a Hattrick Legend?

il-padrone: I'm begging you, no! I'm on the list of Masters winners now, but that's not enough. Beltxis (27382) is a legend, he was the first to win this title twice and countless national titles. In Germany Boca JBA (822336) is a legend. With his march through from league 10 to the national title and as NT coach he became world champion. I still have a lot to achieve to reach there.

Thank you champ for this. Good luck in the challenges to come. That's it, have fun and best regards.