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Kc-jake's photo
Personal information
Real name: Jake
Date of birth: Dec 21 1985
Place of birth: USA
Residence: Kansas, USA
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Language(s): English
Hattrick related information
Team: Ballz FC
Joined: Sept 4, 2003

Manager of Ballz FC in the USA. Jake has been playing Hattrick since 2003. He also loves talking about himself in the third person.

My old account is irev-red, any edits made by that account can be refered to me on my talk page.

I also have a page of Shortcuts to pages I commonly use for help in editing. And I am fighting a war on DRs and the evil within them.

If you notice what appears to be an automated message by me, it's not a bot. I made a text-template in Notepad because I'm a geek. A list of pseudo-templates can be found here. And also, I don't make edits for personal issues, unless I'm getting personal with myself.