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Personal information
Real name: Leonardo e Souza Carvalho
Date of birth: 02/08/1984
Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
Residence: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
Gender: Male
Nationality: Brazilian
Language(s): English, Português-Brazil
Hattrick related information
Team: GenerationEX
Joined: 27/02/2004

I am a Brazilian user of Rio de Janeiro, founder of the GenerationEX Club. I was U-20 Suriname National Team coach in 26-5-2009. Currently I am defender's scout Brazilian Selection U-20. I'm in the game since 02-27-2004. (3769125)


27/02/2004 - GenerationEX (426167)

02/08/2005 - GenerationEX (716103)

17/01/2006 - GenerationEX (429498)

Other Info