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Party Animals
Oderint Dum Metuant
771823, managed by Ophidian
Location Europe, The Netherlands
League: VIII.1921 (Nederland)
Arena: Dennis Bergkamp Stadion
Founded: 22-02-2009

The Manager

Ophidian is the nickname of a Hattrick-manager from The Netherlands. He founded his club on February 22, 2009 and decided to call them the Party Animals.

The Animal's second logo, designed by Bzrk of the Logo Designers Hattrick Federation

Currently he's playing at Hollands VII division. He is on the way up and gradually creating a better team. The home matches of the Animals are played at the Dennis Bergkamp Stadion.

The Fans

The fans of the Animals call themselves the 'Mokum Maniacs', which refers to the hometown of the club. They have their own stand in the stadium and are considered to be the most dedicated fans Hattrick will ever see. Often they use fireworks to enhance the atmosphere and pursuade the crowd to join them in their chants for the club. They live the club, they breathe the club, they ARE the club!


After becoming the manager of the team, Ophidian started his career in division X. The team was already without any change of promotion, but managed to end the competition on a well-deserved second place. The next season, a nice trick of the ME lead to two losses against the only other human-controlled team. In the third season in X finally the championship was won. After that, the IX was a piece of cake, so no wonder the Animals immediatly became the champions. In their first season in VIII, they also won the championship. This was not anticipated and due to the fact that the team that was leading the table forfaited the last two games of the season, so the Animals proceeded to VII. In the first season they did OK, ending at a respectable 4th place.

The Animal's first logo, designed by Roland_Av_Gilead of the Logo Designers Hattrick Federation