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Schwabing 04 (332887)
Manager: Psymon
Series: V.242
Country: Germany
Region: München
Arena: Schwabing 04 Arena, 36000 seats
Fan club: Wahnschwabinger Maxvorstadt, 1958 members

The club was named after the favorite and home district of the beautiful city of Munich.

The manager believes in power-gaming and therefore trains playmaking and puts a great emphasis on the midfield rating.

Schwabing 04's policy is to never refuse a promotion - no risk, no fun!

Psymon currently tries to turn the club into a true league V. team after promoting to league V. way too early.


Founded: 09.03.2004 in league VII.104
Residence: Munich, Germany
∑ TSI: 146.130
Players: 23

League Performance

  1. Season 22: 3rd in VII.104 - first league match on 2nd match day
  2. Season 23: 1st in VII.104 - promotion
  3. Season 24: 2nd in VI.262
  4. Season 25: 1st in VI.262 - promotion
  5. Season 26: 4th in V.242
  6. Season 27: 5th in V.242 - still in progress

Cup Performance

  1. Season 22: not qualified
  2. Season 23: not qualified
  3. Season 24: Round 3
  4. Season 25: Round 6
  5. Season 26: Round 3
  6. Season 27: Round 5


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