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Seabert aka Bert_Maalderink aka Erwin_van_Dam is a Dutch user that is known for his big presence at the Dutch fora. A couple of seasons he was very very active as Bert Maalderink, which is a Dutch reallife interviewer of soccer coaches and has lot's of sarcasm coming out of himself. The user Seabert has this same sarcasm poison within himself when being Bert_Maalderink and other managers are mostly: 100% behind this, or 100% against this. He was famous for asking lots of questions during the elections to all candidates.

Seabert is the sole Chairman of the biggest federation in the world specialised in the Youth Academy, namely JOF, Jeugd Opleiding Federatie. Jeugdopleiding federatie

He is managing his team from Januari 2006 and is currently playing in division IV of the Netherlands.

He has a past with some problems towards the Dutch authorities, but the last years he seems to have grown over that and from his 30th birthday on he seems to have matured.

At the end of 2008 he managed to make the elections-prank of the federation Sealand a great success by asking all sorts of seriously questions to there candidate namely Obama. After that he became a member in Sealand himself. The most famous SPAM-federation in the whole wide world, and stating to be based from the Island Sealand laying in International Waters.

Bert_Maalderink's name was over the top after this and the combination of:

Sealand+Bert was quickly merged in Seabert. Which is also the famous Seal in the tv series called Seabert, in which he is saving other animals from bad poochers, together with to children Tommy & Anika. Which really suited the federation having all sort of Users with animal references.

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