Jeugdopleiding federatie

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Jeugdopleiding Federatie (52650)
Chief Officer Seabert
Founding date 09-12-2006
Members 1855 (on August 8th 2010)
Languages Dutch & Flemish

The biggest youth academy federation.

The federation is claiming for many years to date that it has the biggest internal youth competition with a promoting and demoting system, because Hattrick itself haven't implemented this for Youth leagues. Lately it is getting a little smaller after growing for many seasons, because more and more Users are going to leagues of 4 teams to be able to change leagues more often and doing so in 2 days, and winning 5 extra days doing so.

Also the federation has an internal Cup with knock out system, using the youthfriendlys. Last time more than 256 teams joined this Cup where some teams really want to get far in and even keeping there older players for it, in stead of promoting them and make the most possible money doing so.


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