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Team: Twelve Hawks United
Joined: 07/09/2008
Gender: Male
Language: English

Kit Designs

Private Kits

Arkham Asylum Seekers (H) England Arkham Asylum Seekers (A) England
Aah.png Aaa.png
Count Duckula/Dangermouse England Dexters Lab England Tetris Kit England Buxom Midget Kit England
Twelve Hawks S41-43 (H) England Twelve Hawks S41-43 (A) England The Chairman Kit England The Failed England Kit England

Season 41-42 home.JPG Season 41-42 away.JPG CHAIRMAN.JPG As well as creating kits for his beloved team, Sir Mansell was also the creator of the now infamous England home shirt. What he took for a redish hue was percieved to be pink. Debuting in a world cup qualifier against Oceania 16/10/2009, the shirt was unfairly blamed for the 1-5 defeat and was axed. Not many images remain of the shirt apart from this grainy stock photo:
England Shirt S40.

Other Teams Kits


Marvel DC (H) Syria Marvel DC (A) Syria Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (H) Palestine Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (A) Palestine
Mdc1.png Im.png Lebow.png Lebows2.png
Tiftsim Invaders (H)Oman
Tiftsim 1.png

The Americas

Pretty in Pyjamas (H)USA Celtic Bostons (H) USA Celtic Bostons (A) USA 1977 CRVG (A) Brazil
Pretty.png Boston home.PNG Boston away.PNG Crvg.PNG
Tasty Delicious Waffles (H) USA Tasty Delicious Waffles (A) USA Dalek FC (H) USA Dalek FC (A) USA
Tastywaffles.PNG Waffle away1.PNG Dalek 2.png Dalek away.png
Cleveland Crunch (H) USA Cleveland Crunch (A) USA Lower Slower Delaware (H) USA
Cch.png Cca.png Lower slo.png


Bellevue Barrage (H) Oceania Browns FC (H) Oceania
Bellevue Bd.PNG Browns.png


Mighty Ducks of Groningen (A) Netherlands Los Blancos (H) Malta Seras Demons (H) Iceland BSTV Nänikon (H) Switzerland

Mighty ducky.PNG Blancos.PNG Sera d.png BSTV Nänikon1.png
Roman Knights (H)England Autumn Moon (H) England Real Men Wear Pink (H)England Peterhead and Shoulders (H) Scotland

Romans.png Autumn moon.png Real.png Peterhead and Shoulders.png
Turkmenistani Perpetual Postman's Association (AH) England Runes Revenge (H) England Runes Revenge (A) England Ragnar Lothbrok FC (H) England
Tp.png Runes revenge home.png Runes revenge away.png Ragnor.png
The Bare Necessities (H) Scotland The Bare Necessities (A) Scotland Hoy Road Warriors (H) Scotland Hoy Road Warriors (A) Scotland
Bn3.png Bn 4.png Hoyss.png Biker.png
Stratocaster Blasters (H) England Stratocaster Blasters (A) England Monkey XI (H) England Shirey Geordies (H) England
Slash100%.png Indiana jones.png Monkey xi1.png Sg.png
Crow Castle (H) Wales Crow Castle (A) Wales Lil Red Riding Hood (H)Wales All Welsh Dragons (H) Wales
Crow.png Cc21.png Wollf.png Dragons.png
Steelfist Smugglers (H) Scotland Dundee Reapers (H) Scotland
CAPTMORGAN.png Dundee5.png

International Kits

Syria NT (H) Syria Syria NT (A) Syria England NT (H) England England NT (A) England

Syria home.png Syria away.png Eng.png Engawht.png