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The correct title of this page is Sir_Hosam. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

Sir_Hosam is a user from Jordan.

Real Name  : Hosam Al-Dahhan.
Nationality: Jordanainian.
Owner of  : OldBlues FC (THUGS)


Sir_Hosam was the manager of OldBlues FC that played in first division in Saudi Arabia. He was one of the first managers that joined the Saudi Arabian league, although the start wasn't impressive, Sir_Hosam was able to build a strong team after a couple of seasons.
Sir_Hosam was choosen as U-20 coach of Saudia arabia twice, and was able to win the Al Dawry Al Momtaz once in season 9 and the Saudi Arabia Cup twice in season 7 and 9 plus the championship in Division II.2, his team was is one of the best teams of Saudi Arabia.

Current situation[edit]

Now Sir_Hosam moved to Al Urdun League (his Home Country) and started a new team there. His current team is named OldBlues F.C (710396). In Al Urdun he managed to win the III.13 twice.