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The correct title of this page is stoorzender. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.


stoorzender is the owner of the Belgian Hattrick team FC Merchtem (837125)

Team information

Team: FC Merchtem
Country: België
Region: Vlaams Brabant
Starting date: 29 May 2005

Trophies: 14

  • Winner of the Sapphire Challenger Cup (Belgium season 65/Global season 78)
  • II.3 Champion (Belgium season 64/Global season 77)
  • Winner of the Sapphire Challenger Cup (Belgium season 62/Global season 75)
  • III.1 Champion (Belgium season 62/Global season 75)
  • IV.20 Champion (Belgium season 61/Global season 74)
  • V.39 Champion (Belgium season 60/Global season 73)
  • VI.819 Champion (Belgium season 57/Global season 70)
  • IV.63 Champion (Belgium season 38/Global season 51)
  • V.132 Champion (Belgium season 34/Global season 47)
  • VI.309 Champion (Belgium season 30/Global season 43)
  • VII.686 Champion (Belgium season 29/Global season 42)
  • VI.385 Champion (Belgium season 23/Global season 36)
  • VII.618 Champion (Belgium season 19/Global season 32)
  • VIII.638 Champion (Belgium season 16/Global season 29)


Current logo:
FC Merchtem Logo.png

Former logo of FC Merchtem:
Logo FC Merchtem.jpg

Former logo's of ksvo:
Ksvo.jpg 837125.png

Current Federations

Former Federations

Belgian elections

stoorzender was a few times a candidate in the Belgian elections.

  • World Cup XVII: 9th place with 24 votes (lol-campaign as Luke_Skywalker)
  • World Cup XIII: 4th place with 93 votes

Official function

stoorzender was (from 27-01-2020 until 01-02-2021) the Belgium Hattrick Press Editor.

In the past, he has written some articles himself:

[ArticleID=21925] 10.11.2020 Road to the Masters Final: Fc Guerez [1]

[ArticleID=21685] 06.08.2020 Een nieuwe tactiek: de 'Creative Bunker' (deel II) [2]

[ArticleID=21676] 06.08.2020 Een nieuwe tactiek: de 'Creative Bunker' [3]

[ArticleID=21463] 03.02.2020 Interview met de bekerwinnaar én landskampioen: Rolmop [4]

[ArticleID=15743] 25.08.2012 Waarachtige Wapenfeiten [5]

[ArticleID=8686] 08.02.2010 De ware feiten onthuld! [6]

[ArticleID=5411] 05.07.2009 "aangename ploeg van de maand" [7]


  • stoorzender is the proud owner of 6210001000 Marcello-points (Source: FEG-topic "Fabelachtige financiële fantasietjes" [post=17375177.507])
  • stoorzender is also the proud owner of 2 Tipsy-points (Source: FEG-topics "Age of gamers on duty" [post=17375059.813] and "Wroetende Woelmuizen en bezig bijen" [post=17390737.122])
  • stoorzender is also the proud owner of 1 dnbrt-point (source: FEG-topic " The end of the world of Hattrick" [post=17409853.31])
  • Tipsy has stated that 1 Tipsy point equals 7762501250 marcello-points (Source: FEG-topic "Age of gamers on duty" [post=17375059.838])
  • stoorzender has found out that Prithender likes emoticons very much. If you need to please him, extensive use of emoticons is recommended