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The correct title of this page is stoorzender. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

stoorzender is the owner of the Belgian Hattrick team Oppèkse Kadeeën (837125)

Team information[edit]

Team: Oppèkse Kadeeën
Country: België
Region: Vlaams Brabant
Starting date: 29 May 2005

Trophies: 7[edit]

  • IV.63 Champion (Belgium season 38/Global season 43)
  • V.132 Champion (Belgium season 34/Global season 43)
  • VI.309 Champion (Belgium season 30/Global season 43)
  • VII.686 Champion (Belgium season 29/Global season 42)
  • VI.385 Champion (Belgium season 23/Global season 36)
  • VII.618 Champion (Belgium season 19/Global season 32)
  • VIII.638 Champion (Belgium season 16/Global season 29)

Former logo's (when the club was named ksvo):

Ksvo.jpg 837125.png


Belgian elections[edit]

stoorzender was a few times a candidate in the Belgian elections.

World Cup XIII: 4th place with 93 votes
World Cup XVII: 9th place with 24 votes (lol-campaign as Luke_Skywalker)