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Northcote United
Team Facts
Team ID: 423672
Country: Oceania
Flag: Oceania
Region: New Zealand North
Arena: Northcote Arena
Fan Club: The Fruit Loops
The Manager
Avatar: GM-Kitto
HT-Username: TT--TT
Joined: 02-01-2009
Prize Shelf
Series Champion VI.828 Season 13

TT--TT is a Oceanian manager who is known around the OC for reckless spamming, getting his players injured and terrible grammar.

If one is silly enough to want to go searching for TT--TT they'll probably find him trolling around on the Oceanian Conference or fighting dnbrt

TT--TT and dnbrt

dnbrt and TT--TT used to be great friends but when dnbrt hired TT--TT to hassle HT-Josef for extra fed slots, but because TT--TT couldn't be half arsed he left the job undone. This angered the silly dutchman who placed TT--TT in solitary confinement, this is what started the TT--TT vs dnbrt wars. (Original aye?) Naturally either side couldn't be bothered doing anything so they just sit there laughing at idiots on Global.

TT--TT and Elections

After Insantangles stepped down from NT manager TT--TT miraculously Disappeared and Baylliss reappeared. (Baylliss has been the only manager to go BOT while coaching an Oceanian NT team) Naturally, Baylliss ran for NT coach and came a distant 5th with about 10 votes. Of course straight after TT--TT reappeared insisting that he returned in God form. This was widely debated between Jackson-GC and TT--TT whether he actually turned into a Dog instead.

TT--TT in God form

For two seasons TT--TT convinced the OC that he was in fact a God and that they'd have to put up with it. During his time as a god he managed to throw a Microwave at the Form Monkey which angered the injury gorilla thus beginning the legacy of TT--TT and all of his injuries. TT--TT has since stepped down from the title claiming that "You guys are way to demanding!"

TT--TT as Collin Hack

TT--TT once found an avatar that looked the the Hack himself, naturally TT--TT decided to change his name to confuse everyone and the two started bitching like little girls on the OC.

Nicknames for TT--TT

TT--TT is often referred to as TT for short

TT's Federation's

TT is currently in the Alliance, Fiji and Friends (FAF) and General Managers Club. In the FAF; TT was accused for stealing the sand out of ninefourfour's sandbox

"As I understand it TT was last seen playing golf with a camel in it. I also believe those said camels are in kahoots with the evil penguins." - ninefourfour.

TT and his "Girlfriend"

It is currently fantasized by matador_Brucereed and ninefourfour that TT has a Girlfriend. This is of course false as TT is too cool for Girl Friends. It is of course a well known secret that TT--TT is secretly in love with the infamous Swedish GM DrKeps, but sadly for TT--TT this will always remain an unanswered love, because it is generaly known that GM's and MOD's are not capable of showing any human emotions. Poor TT--TT.