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Zapasiewicz (7200329)
Manager of Rzyć Pospolita Oporowska KS (476016)
Manager Information
Real namehidden (27)
Gender Male
Language Polski
Joined 18th April, 2005; 29th October, 2007
Favourite team WKS Śląsk Wrocław
More info banned on 4th July 2007

Zapasiewicz is a Hattrick user from Dolnośląskie, Polska.

Basic information

Zapasiewicz, also known as Zapasiewicz_BraWro, lives in Oporów, part of Wrocław, though the teams managed by him (former Oporovia and current Rzyć Pospolita Oporowska KS) are in the region of Dolnośląskie. His career in Hattrick started in 18th April 2005 and finished in 4th July 2007, restored in 29th October 2007.

Zapasiewicz was a winger scout for polish NT from June 2007 to September 2008. He was a founder and leader of Brać Wrocławska, first Wrocław's federation. He is known as an organizer of the biggest Wrocław's and Dolnośląskie's cup Zamknięte Mistrzostwa Wrocławia. Zapasiewicz played in numerous Mistrzostwa Polski Hattrickowców, football competition for Hattrick users from Polska, achieving third place once and scoring one goal despite usually being a goalkeeper.

The name of the user has its source in the name of polish movie and theatre actor Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, which Zapasiewicz's similar last name got confused with in high school.


Zapasiewicz's career in Hattrick begun after reading an article in Gazeta Wyborcza. His team, Oporovia, finished the first season in Hattrick on 6th place in VII.881, five points ahead of the first relegated team. After being promoted to VI.477 the next season, Oporovia struggled to defend from relegation, finishing 7th with 1 point gap to first non-relegation place. However, league reform came to the rescue, and Oporovia only changed the league to VI.451. Four seasons later the team was fighting for promotion, and lost the battle by only 2 points. However, the well-managed team was not to be promoted next season, because GM's banned Zapasiewicz on 4th July 2007.

Zapasiewicz came back to Hattrick on 29th October 2007, naming his new club Rzyć Pospolita Oporowska KS, starting in league IX.1. The team won leagues IX.1 and VIII.420 in the first season, promoting to VII.351 league. Two seasons were enough to get the team promoted to VIth league. Five seasons later (July 2010) the team got promoted to the Vth league, where it plays till today.


Zapasiewicz caused lots of controversy on the conferences, and had hard time keeping the conference behaviour in limits of the Rules during his first spell in Hattrick. Being banned from the conference from time to time for either spam or other unpleasant behaviour like swearing or discussing the GM or MOD decisions, he finally got himself banned from the game in July 2007.