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Hi! Welcome to Hattrick wiki! Please try to use the Preview function as much as possible, and Save as little as possible. This makes it easier for wiki admin to check changes, and causes less strain on the database. Cheers! --EchoMan 14:32, August 5, 2009 (UTC)

Hi yes i know it :) i've using more time save mode beacuse i've had a problem that in the preview the result is different in comparison to save. the code was a style position absolute code and for testing i've used the preview mode, for the correct position i've used absolutely the save mode :( sorry :( but now it's all ok ^_^ bye :)

Re: Dark image[edit]

I am happy it worked out for you with the images. But yes, the server that the wiki resides on are experiencing a whole load of problems and bugs at the moment. I am not sure that this could have anything to do with your image uploads, but nevertheless, the wiki doesn't feel very well at the moment. On a side note, you can yse the signature button above the edit window when posting messages. It is much easier for others to see who posted if you do. Alternatively type --~~~~ after your message, and that will be expanded to your signature like in the end of this message. Cheers! --EchoMan 05:38, September 28, 2009 (UTC)