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Yes you are right, typo. thanks :D --Superow


thanx for noticing, I was getting ahead of myself;-) --GM-Lau 14:27, 28 November 2005 (UTC)

Wiki Links[edit]

The problem is that there will never be a wiki "club page." There will be a wiki page about the club, but it is useless to have a page on the wiki titled "club page." It makes no sense to link to pages that don't exist and never will because the content that they would have on them can easily be found by (a) opening up hattrick and going to that page or (b) going to a different wiki page that's a more abstract topic. To have wiki pages about different hattrick pages (i.e. the economy page, the club page) will probably never happen, because all they would do is state the obvious. However, if many people disagree with me on this and are willing to write wiki pages about specific hattrick pages in a manner that is informative enough to justify having a wiki page for it, I will certainly link to them. -Catalyst 23:54:55, 2005-11-28 (UTC)

I for one can see the uses of a The Club page and similar pages, but time will tell if there is a real market for those. Lets wait and see:-) --GM-Lau 00:03, 29 November 2005 (UTC)

@catlyst: that's not really an argument. i can also check in Hattrick the USA league page for infos about the regions and so on. Or i can check the help section in hattrick and can find exactly the same articles as here. the wiki is a full documentation about HT. This includes the site structure.--Shyrlden 00:05, 29 November 2005 (UTC)

and btw a "The club page" has more use as a specific XI. club page here.--Shyrlden 00:07, 29 November 2005 (UTC)

It just seems that we're approaching it the wrong way when we have a page about "The Club page" and what can be found there. We already have a separate section for everything on that page that is meaningful and it says that it can be found on "the club page" on those pages. But to have a separate page telling what the club page is, that just seems a little excessive. The club page is the club page. When you read the rules, you find out exactly what the club page is. We're not writing the rules here.

One use I could see the separate pages for each hattrick page serving is as a directory to the topics written about things on that page, but that should be presented in some other format than in article form, such as a list or a tree-view (like there is on the main page) or something like that. And maybe we could copy the rules to the page to make it easier for people. But to write an article on what the club page is seems kind of obvious. That's just me though. --Catalyst 00:28:18, 2005-11-29 (UTC)

firstly. i am not the creator of that page i just expand it ;) At the moment we have a lot of useless oneliner pages which could be grouped as one real article (e.g. Off. Wingbacks, Def Wingbacks should be on only one Wingback page).

secondly in each docu about a programm you will find also infos about the use of all seperate pages. We could rename the page here (e.g. Site Structure) and could include also the content and the options of other pages (e.g. overview page: Team info, owner info, dropdownmenu + additional suportt er page features -> link: supporter / suporter features). --Shyrlden 00:52, 29 November 2005 (UTC)

World Cup[edit]


I see you took on a project of completing the world cup. I made a little navigation template, please add it after you finish editing World Cup II, thanx. --Giggsip 22:01, 4 December 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for finding a solution in Regions template --LA-Motto 23:44:15, 2005-12-11 (UTC)

Wiki admins[edit]

Please take a look at Hattrick:Administrators. --ukelele 14:51, 30 September 2006 (UTC)