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The Hebrew Wiki

There is also hattrick wiki in Hebrew named: "Wikattrick", here-

עברית (Hebrew)

I'll be glad if you will add it to the main page - thanks! You can contact me in HTmail: MELAFEFON-omerzigdon


Hattrick Wiki in other languages

Recently there has been an increased amount of editing hattrick wiki pages in other languages. For linking these I created Interwiki templates. Aakholop however pointed out the techniques used in e.g. Wikipedia to create links between different language versions. I'm not very familiar with the technical details of Mediawiki, but I was wondering if the differnt language versions (and the links between them) could be separated in a more efficient way, without too much of a trouble to you and a major increase in server capacity requirements. --Jhattara 17:40, 3 January 2008 (UTC)