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Valmiera is a region in Latvija.

Coat Valmiera.png

It is the name of city from north-eastern Latvija and a county name representing 2376 square meters what is 2,7% of Latvija. Border counties are Limbazi (to west), Valka (to east), Cesis (to south) and also neighbour country Estonia (to north). County of Valmiera represents 60111 people (year 2001 data), city of Valmiera is inhabited by 27 514 residents (year 2005 data). In region there are totally three cities - Valmiera, Rujiena, Mazsalaca. More about Valmiera.


In Hattrick there are around 500 users identifying themselves with this region (465 - as of April 3, 2008). Currently the highest ranking team is FC Raichuk in II league level (so far nobody of Valmiera has played in Virslīga), several more teams have played in Level III for shorter or longer periods of time.

Top teams

  • FC Raichuk
  • Talsu Vikingi
  • FC Restepa
  • Valmieras meitenes
  • Cameroony
  • AC RTU
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