Veteran lineup

From Hattrick

A Veteran lineup is a lineup where the average age of the players is over 35.
This achievement is only complete if there are 11 players on the field when the game starts. Substitutions (with or without injuries) have no influence on the average age. Managers often play this lineup in friendlies to get the amount awarded of 35 points.


It must be noted that one will receive the points when the average age is over 35, but only full years, not days, are taken into account for this achievement.

  • In a match with only 35-years old players on field (all 11 in the starting lineup) no achievement is awarded, because, taken days away, average age is 385 / 11 = 35.00, which is NOT over 35.
  • A lineup with age sum over 385 years receives the achievement.
In a lineup like this: 39.05-yo, 37.97-yo, 37.53-yo, 37.12-yo, 36.55-yo, 34.88-yo, 34.75-yo, 34.47-yo, 34.07-yo, 33.15-yo, 31.103-yo,
you take days away and the sum is 39x1 + 37x3 + 36x1 + 34x4 + 33x1 + 31x1 = 186 / 11 = 35.09, OK!
  • A lineup with 2-4 young players, besides other players of age 40+, will receives the achievement points without losing training.
In this match, the distribution was 44x1 + 43x2 + 42x1 + 40x4 + 20x2 + 19x1= 191 / 11 = 35.55, OK!