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Ville Warriors
Ville Warriors.gif
(57256), managed by ville_man
Location Durham, England
Prize shelf Division I.PNG Division II.PNG Division III.PNG Division IV.PNG Division V.PNG

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League VI.381
Arena Stadium of Pride (90,063)
Fan Club ۩, WaRrIoR CoNtRaCt KiLlErS ۩, (Approx. 1400)
Coach Grigoras Anghel

Ville Warriors is a team situated in the county of Durham, England. The team was formed way back on the 05-08-2003, or season 20 in Hattrick. The club is managed by ville_man, and ambitious & experienced manager within the game. The team currently play in the VI.381, dropping numerous leagues after winning the English Premier League back in season 35, 6 seasons ago.

The teams primary colours are red, white & a navy blue. This is shown within the badge, but not predominantly in the home kits, but in the away design it is clear of the navy blue & white colours.

Ville warriors is also the team with the most achievement points in England.


ville_man took charge of Ville Warriors on the 5th August 2003 part way through season 20. The Warriors went on to finish 6th after being bottom of the league when the new manager took over.

The Warriors won their first silverware in their 1st proper season winning VI.145 winning all 14 games with a 78-6 goals record.

For the next 3 seasons the Warriors played in V.211 establishing themselves in the first season in 3rd place; In season 23 the Warriors finished 2nd in the league missing out on the title by only 2 points they also got through to round 7 in the cup

In season 24 the Warriors went on to claim the title with again a perfect record of 14 wins out of 14 games and a 63-5 goals record.

The Warriors then decided to put a long term plan into place and successive relegations back to VI enabled the team to make some good money and in seasons 27 and 28 the team took the VI.429 title.

The Warriors then went on a record run becoming the first team in England to achieve progressing from VI to the Premier League in consecutive seasons winning series VI.429 in season 29, V.98 in season 30, IV.7 in season 31, III.15 in season 32 and finally II.3 in season 33.

In that run the Warriors also achieved reaching round 12 of the cup twice and round 11 and 10 once.

Round 12 is the furthest the Warriors have achieved in the cup, something the manager certainly hopes to improve on in coming seasons.

In their first season the Warriors missed out on the Premier Title on the last day of the season, after about 30 minutes of the final day matches we were in the no1 position but unfortunately could not hold on to claim the coveted title.

The Warriors were fortunate enough to be named the manager of the England NT in season 34, reaching round 2 with an impressive 12 wins and 2 draws becoming a member of an exclusive club to not have lost a game in Q1 of the World Cup whilst managing the big changes in the game engine that is now commonly known as the Multi Skilled era. However a big mistake in game 1 of Q2 led to a loss and an inevitable exit out of the World Cup. Disappointment indeed for ville_man and something the manager will certainly want to address again in the future.

However in season 35 the Warriors won the Premier Title against some of our biggest HT rivals achieving a big HT dream in the process.

Since then the manager decided that a long term re-build was in order so that we could further achieve many HT goals he has so a gradual and painful drop down the leagues whilst maximising on revenue generation took place culminating in season 40 the Warriors being relegated to VI.381

In that time the club had generated £70million into its coffers and a rise back up the leagues will start very soon, most likely in season 42.

Prize Shelf

Division I.PNG English Premier League Winners - Season 35

Division II.PNG Series II.3 Winners - Season 33

Division III.PNG Series III.15 Winners - Season 32

Division IV.PNG Series IV.7 Winners - Season 31

Division V.PNG Series V.98 Winners - Season 30 | Series V.211 Winners - Season 24

Division VI.PNG Series VI.429 Winners - Season 27,28,29 | Series VI.145 - Season 21


Current Squad

As of 21-12-2009:

No. Position Player
01 Belgium GK N/A Benjamín Sosa
02 Germany DF N/A Sven-Knut Gröschler
03 France DF N/A Adrien Henri
04 Spain DF N/A Carlos Galardi
05 Colombia DF N/A Edison Pastor
06 France DF N/A Adnène Hicheri
07 England DF N/A James Campbell
08 Sweden DF N/A Truls Kronman
09 Croatia DF N/A Stjepan Bukulin
10 France DF N/A Grégory Picq
11 England DF N/A Scott Alexander
15 Switzerland GK N/A Jean-Michel Décaix
20 Peru IM N/A Ego Quijandría
21 Denmark IM N/A Anker Lippert
22 Israel IM N/A Yaron Edri
30 Czech Republic FW N/A Michael Fogl
31 Spain FW N/A Jesús Fatjó
No. Position Player
39 Netherlands FW N/A Michiel Huijbens
40 Hungary IM N/A Ferenc Egressy
41 Poland FW N/A Jędrzej Zboina
42 Spain IM N/A Bikendi Arriaga
43 Finland FW N/A Jouni Kanerva
90 England __ N/A Neil Thurmond
91 England __ N/A Howie Stone
92 England __ N/A Dennis Challa
93 England CD N/A Orlando Tann
94 England IM N/A Jeremy Milton
95 England GK N/A Kenny Young
96 England __ N/A Maurice Dennahy
97 England FW N/A Elliot Maynard
98 Romania COA N/A Grigoras Anghel
99 England IM N/A Carl Mumford
__ Colombia __ N/A Francisco Quiroga