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VnukStats is a simple formula to compare team ratings using a single number that is used by VnukStats site that shows various stats from Czech and Slovak Hattrick. The basic idea is to improve HatStats by adding more weight to midfield rating. The numbers are also modified to match the denominations better. Therefore the VnukStats number is a weighted average rather than a sum and the denominations are numbered in non-integer values so that a full level of denomination translates to one point.

Attack and Defence Rating is a simple sum of the three components. The denominations are numbered as follows:

  • disastrous (v.low) = 1.00
  • disastrous (low) = 1.25
  • disastrous (high) = 1.50
  • disastrous (v.high) = 1.75
  • ...
  • inadequate (v.high) = 5.75
  • passable (v.low) = 6.00
  • ...

The original VnukStats formula

puts even more emphasis on midfield but it was revised after the changes to the match engine. Later the formula was popularised in a CHPP Application FoxTrick that, being of Czech origin, uses VnukStats formula as well as widely known HatStats or LoddarStats.

VnukStats is named after Robin Vnuk, a Czech national team winger and the biggest star of the early Czech Hattrick history. VnukStats site was ran by teoren (and is now run by smates), who pulled Vnuk from his youth squad and trained him for all his career.