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The wages for each player in Hattrick are calculated using the player's skills. Wages are updated at the same time that the players turn a year older.

A players main skill is the single most important factor for his salary. The salary will be 250 € plus a certain amount based on his skills and minus a certain amount because of age. When a player reaches 29 years of age, his salary starts to decrease.

Foreigner and National Players[edit]

Players who are playing out of their home country cost their clubs an extra 20%, which at higher levels can be a large amount (to several thousand ).

With training, it is possible to overtrain a player, so that his wages become astronomically high. National Team players may have very high wages per week, and are trained by farm teams who operate solely to support one NT player.

Transfer market wise, these players are generally worth less than players with slightly lower skills, due to their enormous wages.

Calculation of Wage[edit]

Until the wage reduction of 2011, the calculation was done by adding up the cost in terms of wage for each skill to the minimum wage of 250 €. For example, a player having "WorldClass" (13) Playmaking and "Brilliant" (11) Defending had a salary equal to the cumulative wages of two monoskill players: one "WorldClass" Playmaking and one "Brilliant" Defending (plus the minimum wage of 250 €). So the calculation of the wage used to be made like this:

(before 2011) Wage = 250 € + the sum of the wage contribution of the skills

Today is hard to reach top level skills due to training slowering after "Titanic", but in the past the best players, who could easily have "Divine" primary, had over the million € wages.

The following contents are based on experience and/or research conducted by Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

Today the operation is the same, except that the cost of the secondary skills is divided by 2:

Wage = 250 € 
       + wage contribution of the higher skill 
       + 1/2 of the sum of the secondary skills’ contribution

Set Pieces skill has a different impact on wage. Indeed, each level of the Set Pieces skill increases the wage with 0.25%. The cost of the Set Pieces skill depends on how high the Set Pieces skill is for each player.

For almost all of the skills there is no impact on the wage beyond the "Inadequate" (5) level. Any player with a skill equal or less to Inadequate will have the minimum wage of 250 €. The only exception is the Goalkeeping skill, where the wage impact starts from the "Wretched" (2) level.

The calculation of the wage requires the knowledge of each secondary skill’s contribution to the wage. To determine the cost of each skill in terms of wage, we must observe the wage of a monoskill player, where the secondary skills have no influence on his wage.

Wage decrease[edit]

When players turn 29 they start losing part of their skill and this causes wage reduction. In addition, every year a player has a wage reduction.

After global season 43, the decrease is:
Age        will lose
28 years    0% (reference wage)
29  "      10% of the wage (-10%)
30  "      20% of the wage (-10%)
31  "      30% of the wage (-10%)
32  "      40% of the wage (-10%)
33  "      50% of the wage (-10%)
34  "      60% of the wage (-10%)
35  "      70% of the wage (-10%)
36  "      80% of the wage (-10%)
37  "      90% of the wage (-10%)
38 on      No change

Before global season 43, the decrease was:

Age    will lose
28-29  12,5% of the wage (1/8)
29-30  14,3% of the wage (1/7)
30-31  16,7% of the wage (1/6)
31-32  20,0% of the wage (1/5)
32-33  25,0% of the wage (1/4)
33-34  33,3% of the wage (1/3)
34-35  50,0% of the wage (1/2)
35 on  No change
source: busawreck in 6550779.8

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