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The World Hattrick Challenge is a tournament played each two seasons and contested by 4 federations. The first edition of the tournament will take place in Season 43.

The idea was formally proposed on 10-08-2010 (August 10th, 2010) in Club Federation, the organizers. With 12 votes in favour and none against, officialy the tournament was created.

Consists in facing each federation against their three opponents at the same time, giving points for each win by a Federation (By a federation, not a team), the winner is, obviously, the federation who got more points during the tournament.


  • The friendly tournament will be played in 1 Week only (Week 16 of each 2 seasons).
  • Each federation will be represented by 18 or 24 teams (This is still discussed).
  • All federations at the same time, will face the other federations in a head to head challenge.
  • All teams who represents their federation will play 1 of the three challenges only, I mean, nobody can play more than 1 challenge of his federation in the WHC, because this is only for a Week.
  • The matches will be played in Cup Rules mode.
  • The winner of the Tournament are decided via points system, each federation can win points depending on their results against the other federations.
  • The matches will be 50% host and 50% away for each federation.
  • Tiebreakers: Head-to-Head result, More goal difference, More goal scored, if not, both federations will receive a draw.

Player Awards

Like some other tournaments, there will also be different player awards, such as:

  • Top Scorer: The top scorer award will be given to the player who scored the largest number of goals in the competition.
  • Best Player: The best player will be given to the player who has the highest star rating during the competition, the best player cannot be a Goalkeeper.
  • Best Goalkeeper: The best goalkeeper award will be given to the player who has the highest start rating during the competition.


Tournament Season Champions Runner-up
WHC I 43