World Hattrick Challenge I Edition

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World Hattrick Challenge I Edition
Tournament details
Season(s) Season 43
Teams 72 or 96
Final positions
Champions -
Runner-up -
Tournament statistics
Matches played
Goals scored -

The World Hattrick Challenge I Edition will be the first edition of World Hattrick Challenge, and will be contested by 4 federations. The matches will be played in Week 16 of Hattrick 43th Global Season.


  • The friendly tournament will be played in 1 Week only (Week 16 of each 2 seasons).
  • Each federation will be represented by 18 or 24 teams (This is still discussed).
  • All federations at the same time, will face the other federations in a head to head challenge.
  • All teams who represents their federation will play 1 of the three challenges only, I mean, nobody can play more than 1 challenge of his federation in the WHC, because this is only for a Week.
  • The matches will be played in Cup Rules mode.
  • The winner of the Tournament are decided via points system, each federation can win points depending on their results against the other federations.
  • The matches will be 50% host and 50% away for each federation.
  • Tiebreakers: Head-to-Head result, More goal difference, More goal scored, if not, both federations will receive a draw.


Acronym Federation Number of Participations Best Place C Club Federation 0 (Debut: WHC I) None
FIHA Federation International Hattrick Association 0 (Debut: WHC I) None
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Player Awards

Top Scorer Best Player Best Goalkeeper
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