Youthful lineup

From Hattrick

Youthful lineup is a lineup where the average age of the players starting the game is below 18 and at least one of the players from outside the club.
A youthful lineup achievement is only complete if there are 11 players on the field when the game starts. If a player is substituted and the resulting average team age is above 18, points will be given. A manager often plays this lineup in friendlies to get the amount awarded of 35 points.


It must be noted that one will only receive the points when the average age is below 18. If eleven 18-year old players are in the lineup, the points will not be awarded.

  • In this match the swiss club Penguine did not receive the achievement points although all players were 18. A week later he was awarded the points for a game with nine 18-years old and two 17-years old.
  • In this match the norwegian club Tubbiesfc received the achievement points although a player is substituted for injury.