Yunak Krali Marko

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Yunak Krali Marko

Ωdesos 2003 (now Yunak Krali Marko) was founded October 27, 2003 by Garich. The name given to the team when founded was Bure BecTHuK, but soon changed to Varna Mad Gods. Lately Garich renamed the team to "Gods Are Reigning In the Champions's Heavean" a.k.a GARICH. The team is known as Odesos 2003 from the beginning of year 2005.
The first success for the team is the IV.35 division's title in a group full of computer controlled teams. 14 wins in the championship sent Odesos 2003 directly to III.12. In this first two seasons Garich didn't managed very well (and very often) the team. Lack of long term training program, lack of finances etc. Garich often misses to arange friendlies. From the summer 2004 a new era for the team began. The team won tree times in a row the IV.55 division's title. Garich will never forget the clashes on the football field with teams like NimfadoraS and CSKA United. The result from them is as follows: 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses by Nimfadoras, 3 wins and 1 draw with CSKA United.
In the cup competition the biggest success for the club is the 1/32-final (round 8) in season 11 (Bulgaria). One of the most memorable games in this competition is the 1/64-final in season 9 against FC Barcelona. That was a regional derby and a great play from the both clubs. Unfortunately and undeserved Odesos 2003 lost 2:5. However, to be honest, FC Barcelona was the team that possessed more qualities in that moment.
From season 10 Odesos 2003 plays in one of the most competitive (but least powerfull) 3rd division in Bulgaria - III.10. That first season Odesos 2003 qualified 5th 5 points behind the champion and only 2 points in front of the 7th placed PFC Beroe wich were demoted. The champion for that season was Gligan Grudovo by whom Odesos 2003 lost twice. However in both games Odesos 2003 dominated and lack of chance cost the III.10's title.
Next few seasons the team struggles in battle against relegation with best achievement set in season 12 - 4th place with 23 points, one point ahead of 5th place, but 11 points behind the champion - FC C-4.
In season 12 the team was renamed to Goals Are Random Incidents Creating Hattricks, and soon after came the latest change in the name of the team - Yunak Krali Marko. What will be the next name of the team - nobody knows, even its owner.