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There are around 4000 Bulgarian clubs nowadays, several of which are world class and have achieved more than 70 Hattrick stars.

Historical Clubs

The first ever Bulgarian champion is the bot Pleven Burgas (117067), but the first human champion is AC Slavi de Furore (117088) in season 3 (which is actually only the second in the Bulgarian league system). In the same season Slavi does the only double in Bulgarian HT-history by winning the national cup as well. The first cup winner is Levski 1914 (ID=117102). Adron (117096) is the only Bulgarian team to have won the championship 3 times - moreover these were 3 titles in a row. In the cup this has only been done by Yellow Squad (17159), although his were not consequtive. Other teams more than one appearance in Bulgaria's official Hall of fame are Osmi Basein (117221) and zumbul_bg (117084). The only of the four champions of the country that has not been mentioned by now is Maritza 1921.

Strongest teams today

It is difficult to define what a really strong team in HT is, but stars, ratings and prices of the players owned can be a good proxy. Then teams like Yellow squad in II.4 (with total player value of 218,340,000 as of November 25, 2005), FC BARCELONA in III.8 (with Hatstats-ratings well above 300 as of November 25, 2005) and CSKA_ (one of Bulgaria's best skill traders and a current title frontrunner in the current season 11) are definitely up there. The other two notable national title challengers for this season are Ohliuv Pancharevo and Maritza 1921.