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ZSKA Akademgorodok is a Swiss team managed by Juri_Antropow. Even if it sounds very Russian, the owner has nothing to do with the big country in Asia. Akademgorodok is a academical city in Siberia with a university. There are mostly students living in Akademgorodok. Unfortunately the good people leave it and look for good places in the rest of the world. So this little, meaningless city gave this club his name.

ZSKA Akademgorodok started in november 2003 in league VI.441 in Schweiz. They were demoted after their second season to VII.356. They managed to get re-promoted to league VI, played two seasons in league V and are today playing in VI.422. The aim of Akademgorodok is to have fun, and to build a mostly balanced team, not with one superstar and 10 golf-players. Following this tactics, they will probably go in the V. league soon. And perhaps even further...

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